Community Event | LA’s Central High/TRI-C College and Career Resource Fair

On Saturday October 5, DACE CTE Advisors Brenda Vela, Alejandra Salcedo, and Navigator Mark Lawrence, represented DACE at Downtown LA’s Central High/TRI-C College and Career Resource Fair.

The event was a chance for students to explore opportunities with representatives from local colleges and adult education certificate programs. A few days earlier, DACE Principals and Navigators convened with Options School Principals and LA City Youth and WorkSource representatives to formulate strategies to better serve Opportunity Youth. Having a presence at a resource fair like this is one such way.

“The Central High/TRI-C event was a success. We were able to speak directly with Options students about DACE Career and Technical Education programs. Many students are not able or interested in going to college right now, but seemed enthusiastic about learning a trade like Cosmetology, Construction or Auto Mechanics.  That’s where we come in,” said Alejandra Salcedo.

Brenda Vela adds, “DACE’s Abram Friedman Occupational Center just received a Strong Workforce Program grant and, as a result, Central High students can attend any CTE class at AFOC for free (books and supplies included), even if they’re still in high school. Having a HS Diploma AND a marketable skill when they graduate will really help them to hit the ground running!”

The new partnership with Options Schools and LA City YouthSource and WorkSource centers is part of DACE’s continued efforts to help LA area residents obtain job skills that lead to meaningful careers, self-respect and financial independence.

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